Pyrotek’s 60th Anniversary

01 March 2016

When Pyrotek® was founded in 1956 in Spokane, Washington, USA, it manufactured one product: high quality, low cost sewn fibreglass bags for molten aluminium filtration. At the time, the aluminium industry within the USA’s Pacific Northwest was robust, with Kaiser Aluminum Corp., Alcoa Inc. and Reynolds Metals Co. plants taking advantage of the region’s inexpensive hydroelectric power. Pyrotek soon found it had a niche, expanding its product offerings and strategically opening branches near aluminium plants around the USA.

By the end of the 1960s, Pyrotek had crossed the ocean, entering Australian, Scandinavian, African and other international markets. Today, the company operates more than 80 sales offices, research centres and manufacturing plants in 35 countries.

Pyrotek Inc. now is a global engineering leader and innovator of performance-improving technical solutions, integrated systems design and consulting services for customers in the aluminium industry. We are also investing and growing rapidly in areas such as glass, thermal and acoustic insulation, and advanced materials.

Our products and solutions are used around the world in automotive, aerospace, rail transportation, high-tech manufacturing, construction and other sectors. “We are a vital, financially strong company on which our customers and suppliers can depend, now and in the future. We can proudly say that Pyrotek touches millions of lives every day,” says Chairman and CEO, Allan Roy.

Pyrotek’s global network of application engineers and its 2700-strong workforce partner with customers to determine specific solutions to meet their unique needs, from the fibreglass filters we still manufacture today to large metal circulation machinery. Privately-owned, Pyrotek’s deep-rooted values of integrity and collaborative problem-solving uphold our mission to improve customer performance.

Says President Don Ting, “For the past 60 years we have forged new paths for growth by introducing technologies and entering new markets. We expect to continue to do so for the next 60 years and beyond.”

Pyrotek’s 60th Anniversary