Safer Scrap Recycling with Pyrotek’s Scrap Aluminium Melting System (SAMS)

Conventional melting

Conventional scrap remelting processes can be hazardous and inefficient.

Pyrotek’s Scrap Aluminium Melting System (SAMS) is helping secondary aluminium recyclers around the world obtain a safer, smoother, and more controlled process for melting low-density, light-gauge aluminium scrap.

“Manually charging scrap like used beverage containers, chips, turnings and borings, and shredded scrap can be hazardous and difficult,” says Chris Vild, a Pyrotek Product Manager and Metal Melting Expert. “Pyrotek’s SAMS system gives recyclers an automated charging and submergence process that is thermally matched to their furnace melt capacity. It eliminates hazardous charging methods.”

Easily Add SAMS To Your Operations

The SAMS is often positioned in its own section of a furnace side-well that has been divided into three sections. Note: Pyrotek can modify existing side-wells to implement this integrated melting system.

A circulation pump in the first section provides a continuous supply of hot metal, flowing from the hearth to the second well, ensuring a consistent, controlled flow of molten metal.

SAMS unit

SAMS unit located in the vortex well.

This second well, the vortex well, is where the SAMS unit submerges scrap delivered by a small conveyor. Utilizing a square rotor design, called a “vortexer,” the SAMS generates a strong downward action in the metal to create a vortex and submerge the charged materials. The vortexer operating speed is selected to achieve rapid submergence of the charged materials while minimizing oxidation, air ingestion, and dross to provide high metal-recovery rates.

“The vortexer and shaft are machined from high-quality graphite with enhanced oxidation resistance and are protected with ceramic sleeves to provide extended operating life and performance,” Vild says.

Section three is a dross well. The oxide skins from the charged aluminium scrap float to the surface in this well, where the dross can be fluxed and removed.


Drawing of a Pyrotek SAMS.

The SAMS is capable of melting 20,000 pounds per hour of dry 3-inch screened shredded metal, all while keeping operators safe and maximizing metal recovery. Other features:

  • The unit can lift and rotate itself out of the sidewell for maintenance and to avoid overheat conditions
  • Roller bearings are used throughout and their protective housings have a bolt-on design, maximizing the life of moving parts and making replacement easy
  • Components that drive vertical and rotational motion are equipped with encoders for the strong and repeatable motion detection
  • Pyrotek provides onsite installation and system training

For more information about the SAMS unit, or to begin a trial, contact Chris Vild at


SAMS unit in service.


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