Customers Enhance Their Process Technology with Pyrotek Advanced Control Panels

Control Panels

Pyrotek’s Cortland, New York, USA facility and its panels are UL 508A certified.

Pyrotek is recognized globally as a design-and-build leader of advanced control panels for electric heating systems, gas combustion systems, and other automated control systems. Over the years, Pyrotek has specialized in making control panels for applications such as electric heating furnaces, heated launders, combustion furnaces, combustion preheaters, degassing furnaces, and pneumatic controls.

These include simple relay logic panels for single heater/burner applications to multi-zone, multi-panel systems with PLC (programmable logic controller) and HMI (human machine interface) screens which can interface with customers’ SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) control systems.

“Panels can be built to deliver any data requested,” says Bob Temple, an Electrical Engineer for Pyrotek at its Engineering Services Center in Cortland, New York, USA. “Typical data requested is process temperature, temperature set point, heater power, heater current, and heater voltage.”

Combustion Limit HMI Screen

Pyrotek control panels can include human machine interface (HMI) screens, helping customers improve their process.

Pyrotek’s control panels meet all the highest compliance standards. They’re inspected by independent laboratories for safety compliance to ensure customers get a safe, high-quality product. Pyrotek’s Cortland, New York, USA facility has a UL 508A certified panel shop.

“Our control panels keep customers safe by being designed and built to be touch-safe,” Temple says. “This means the panels are designed and built to prevent electric shock in the event someone accidentally touches the outer case of the interior panel components.”

Note: Only qualified personnel should ever be accessing the inside of a control panel.

In addition to enhanced safety for customers, Pyrotek control panels help improve production processes.

“Customers will be using more modern equipment and methods for greater efficiency, compared with older technologies and methods,” says Temple.

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