CASE STUDY: STAR E3500 Degassing Unit Delivers Stable Metal Density

Star E3500 Logic

Pyrotek STAR E3500

Pyrotek’s STAR E3500 degassing unit with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is helping foundries achieve stable metal density regardless of alloy or input conditions, which is critical to a successful casting process.

The PLC automatically modifies the degassing cycle based on humidity and metal temperature readings to ensure consistent metal density and cleanliness. It also includes a nitrogen or argon gas forming system.

"This technology has proven once again that it is a strong solution for most low-pressure casters," says Saul Gracia Villacampa, Pyrotek’s Foundry Division Manager for Western Europe.

In a test at a premier wheel caster in Western Europe, the degassing unit maintained a consistent metal density during the degassing cycle. The graph below depicts different process variables monitored during the degassing cycle. The metal density (yellow line) remained consistent even while the temperature (red line) varied considerably throughout the cycles.


Metal density (yellow line); temperature (red line)


Optional features include:

  • Anti-splash shield
  • Extra flux tank
  • Transport ladle positioning stand
  • Wi-Fi module

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